DIS API : Unleash the power of the 1207 1307 Directory !

DIS or Directory Information Service is a simple but yet powerful API as it allows scoring and autocompletion of addresses. It opens access to the well known Belgian service 1207.be and 1307.be which are getting rejuvenated as an API asset. The Directory Information Service API arrived beginning of July as part of a minor platform update.

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EnCo TeamDIS API : Unleash the power of the 1207 1307 Directory !

Why and how we updated the LoRa library

One of the works our team has been doing the past few weeks is improve on the AllThingsTalk Arduino LoRa library making it more compatible with the LoRaWAN™ specifications. By making a unified interface on the library, it can also be used cross-platform. A Python version will also be available. Who said for the LoPy?

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EnCo TeamWhy and how we updated the LoRa library

Curious Craft from #Hackapost to the Museum

Winner of the public prize at Hackapost, Curious Craft release Le passeur, their first mobile application, for the Museum Marimont ! The young walloon videogame studio don’t do (yet!) raw video games. In fact they put gamification mechanisms in traditional app. They surprised everyone with a great interface at Hackapost and now revolutionizing the relation visitors have with a museum collection.

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EnCo TeamCurious Craft from #Hackapost to the Museum

WaylaySolvice : Optimize your lab delivery flow #Hackapost

At Hackpost, Waylay and Solvice join forces to optimize the delivery flow. It may look simple as an Idea now that a lot of people use services like Uber but the technical challenge was huge: find a way to integrate different API Backends. The tricky part is also that both the source and destination of the delivery are not constant and the driver needs to get notifications on his iOS/ Android device in real time!

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EnCo TeamWaylaySolvice : Optimize your lab delivery flow #Hackapost

Verhaert: Connecting the Last Mile #Hackapost

The way Hackapost’s Verhaert team wants to extend digitization is as simple as a button. The Pleasy button is very simple both in appearance and usage but in fact it’s filled up with high-end technology features! LoRa powered and multi-functional, his user won’t have to set up an internet connection and he or she won’t have to charge Pleasy often as its battery life could last for years.

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EnCo TeamVerhaert: Connecting the Last Mile #Hackapost

GeoSensor: Road Data as a Service #Hackapost

The Hackapost GeoSensor team took profit of the tremendous amount of vehicles bpost uses every day. If all those assets were equiped with LoRa Sensors & plugged in onto the EnCo Platform, GeoSensor could analyze deeper the road shape, organize agile deviation and even parking optimization inside cities.

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EnCo TeamGeoSensor: Road Data as a Service #Hackapost